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About Us

Hello and welcome :)
My name is Lydia. I was born in Sydney, Australia and lived 5 years in the country-side of NSW studying my second degree.
I've been a workaholic ever since the legal age to work.... 13 years and 9months? I've always been all hands on. I've had jobs from all over different industries from cafes, take away, retail, medical/dental and the random job of a boarding school mother, looking after girls from years 7 -12 whilst studying.

I love to keep busy. Before COVID my holiday breaks were always super short. I'd only take 1 week off once a year, twice if lucky. Those 1-2 weeks off were spent on the other side of the world. I LOVE to travel and experience different cultures. No wasting time! ... And can you imagine how much I jam packed those days! Aside from travel, I love cooking and fashion.

The Little Hub was founded at the beginning of 2021 on my maternity leave, with the birth of my first son, George. My favourite gifts were the personalized ones for baby and myself! From there, I decided I wanted to forward the feeling of receiving such gorgeous gifts to those around me. What started as a simple hobby, has turned into this and I am super grateful for each and everyone of you.

I'm super creative and have designed almost everything I sell, including the website. I have searched the world for the best quality products. Some, I have produced with manufacturers myself. I am self taught and have been in the e-commerce world since 2019.

In our family based business, we strive to create quality, unique and fun designs on everyday apparel. Each product is printed on demand just for you. I cannot wait to share with you all that I've been working on.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out :)

You can also follow us on instagram @the.littlehub

Happy shopping/gifting/receiving!